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Caesarsvlei Estate Heidelberg

Purchased in 2005 by Hannes and Ina Snyman. With a background in property development they both realised early on that this piece of land had a lot of potential. They started by creating spaces as they were needed at the time, and as the time went by they gradually developed various parts of the farm. As the years passed every single aspect was debated and carefully planned as they know that what they create today will stand here for many years to come.

The arabian stud is grounded in old-english/crabbet lines. The initial four mares purchased were bred out of english mares outcrossed to fine stallions like Thee Cyclone, Silvern Gleam, Sharena El Bani & Rasheeq El Azeem. Today we breed with three main sires namely Silvern Lance, Inanna-Ishtar Belrock & FS Paparatzzi.

Our team

The breeding operation is a family run business between Hannes & Ina Snyman and their youngest daughter Loilyn Coetzee.

Dr.Hannes Snyman
Ina Snyman
Co-Owner & Manager
Loilyn Coetzee

We focus on breeding riding horses

To date we have produced three National Champions & various regional champions in both the halter and riding division. We have also exported three horses to Dubai & Namibia for Endurance Riding.

And we believe that you should show them with pride

We have been very fortunate to have a great relationship with Victor Botha from Victrio Training Centre. He is the driving factor behind our successful showing results.

Our champions

To date we have won halter, hunter pleasure, country pleasure, country pleasure driving, amateur riding horse, open riding horse, novice riding horse, junior rider & liberty championships. We also produced Inanna-Ishtar Beljazz who won the SANESA Schools Championships as well.

The History

Breeding today because we cherish our past.

Where it started

From L to R: Santi, Roline with Anita, Ina with Elna, Martie (Mother) with Louisa, Gretha with Mariëtha, Josef (Jnr) and Josef (Snr). Martie was pregnant with Sonja, the youngest at this time.

Ina is one of 10 children that grew up on a farm where her father believed that if you want to keep children out of trouble, you give them horses. As a former school teacher turned farmer, he used his knowledge of coaching athletes to train the horses to ride long distances. Ina still recalls how her father brought their horses in to town with the truck on Friday afternoons, so she and her brother Josef, could ride the 24km back home from the hostel to get them fit.

They rode the first ever endurance ride in South Africa in 1964 from Hanover to De Aar to Richmond and back to Hanover. Her brother (age 11) came in second by a head’s length and he was featured on the Landbou Weekblad. But in 1965 at the second race her horse was one of those that got poisoned. READ MORE

She remembers sitting by the water trough crying for her beloved mare when a gentleman from the Vlinkfontein Stud asked her what was wrong. She told him that her mare had died. So he told her to come and visit the farm with her parents so she could choose her very own foal.
This is where her love for Arabians began.

Back: Evelyn & Louis Snyman Front: Coen, Henning & Hannes.

Hannes grew up in the Pietersburg district and horses were a big part of their everyday life. His father Louis Henning Snyman was a Junior Springbok Gymkhana rider. His mother’s main form of transportation on the farm was horseback. She could easily balance a squirming piglet in the saddle in front of her while trotting. He together with his two brothers often did show riding as young boys as well.

Hannes and Ina met in Pretoria. During the courtship Hannes tried everything to impress his future in laws. The Huyzers family had two Vlinkfontein stallions, Senorab and Rabizel. Senorab was one of those fiery arabian chestnuts that only three people were allowed to ride – Jimmy (Josef Snr), Joe (Josef Jnr) & Anita. He was a ‘difficult’ stallion, but that was something Hannes did not know. Jimmy sold Senorab to Annetjie Barnard who was a mutual acquaintance between the Snyman and Huyzers families. One day Hannes went to visit tannie Annetjie, and she told him to saddle Senorab. She obviously assumed Hannes could ride him. So he got on and they trotted about the farm as if nothing was wrong. When he got home he told Ina and her father that he had an outride on the chestnut, to their surprise he didn’t even pull an ear. Jimmy was impressed, what can we say, they were married soon thereafter!

After Hannes & Ina got married she still had the chestnut mare that she got from Mr.Van Der Merwe.

Vlinkfontein Arabian Showgirl and Senorab foal

They always owned one or two horses that they kept close to Pretoria so they could do outrides. So came the time where Hannes had to enroll for the war and they had to move to Zebedela. So they sold off the mare and started with a family. When they decided to settle in Heidelberg, they bought a gelding boerperd x arab and called him Rival. He boarded on a plot next to town. Johann their eldest son had the idea to build a small trailer to tail behind his bike with the saddle on top. So on Friday afternoons after school he would ride out to the plot, leave his bicycle there, saddle Rival and bring him to the house for the weekend. This is how all the Snyman children learned to ride. Many Mondays the town clerk would moan with Hannes because the streets in town would be lined in manure!

After Rival passed away our family had a good 15 years without any horses in our lives.

Johann as little boy in Rival.

Until the purchase of Caesarsvlei.

Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Caesarsvlei Estate Heidelberg was purchased in 2005. Hannes wanted to buy a few heads of cattle and start a small breeding operation.
He decided to invest in Beefmaster cattle.

Soon after Ina asked if they could buy a few horses to do outrides on. They set off to an auction in Frankfort where Hannes wanted to purchase two or three Palamino boerperde, but Ina insisted that they purchase purebred Arabians. As for her that was the only horses that were fun to ride.

So started the search for horses. They drove across the whole of South Africa in search for a stud horses. Via a mutual acquaintance they were recommended to go visit the Buys family from Grootvlei to see the Arabian horses from the Jamani stud. They drove in and a huge group of mares were running up the road. Ina immediately saw Sheena (Rasheeq El Azeem x Jamani Sharita), a bay filly almost 3 years of age that she loved. Stephanus showed them Bahri (Sharena Al Bani x Jamani Burani) and those were the two mares Ina chose.

They went for a drive through the paddocks and when Hannes got out of the bakkie two mares approached him, they were called Streama (Silvern Gleam x El Jamani Salima) and Zaiclona (Thee Cyclone x Silvern Zeema). They were considerably bigger than the other horses he had seen and he decided he would purchase them for their size (both today standing at 16hh).

They boarded the horses in Grootvlei until they could build stables on the farm.

Hannes & Ina in front of the main building

With a background in property development they both realised early on that the piece of land they had purchased had a lot of potential. They started by creating spaces as they were needed at the time, and as the time went by they gradually developed various parts of the farm. The main development being the stable block.

One day visiting El Jamani again in preparation for Nationals 2007 in Bloemfontein, a very short groom called David came running up the road with a snow white gelding that floated through the air. Then and there Ina fell in love with Jamani Silvern Zenith. It took a very long time for her to convince Stephanus to sell him to her. She and Loilyn soon after started showing their own horses at regional shows.

Ina on the left showing Streama & Loilyn on the right showing Zaiclona

It was a rough start, because when you start out you don’t know anything. But you won’t learn anything if you don’t try! All the books Loilyn & Ina bought about teaching horses, ended up on Hannes’s bedside table as reading material. So the whole family got involved in breeding and showing.